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Rehabilitation & Care [Cheshire Homes]

 Rehabilitation & Care [Cheshire Homes]

CDSK has four homes. Three of the homes focus on children and youths with disabilities and one home focuses on the elderly. We have caregivers and volunteers who take care...

Inclusive Education

 Inclusive Education

CDSK implements Child Empowerment Programme [CEP] in partnership with Liliane Fonds[ Netherlands] towards the realization of inclusive education. This is done through a network of local Partner Organisations (POs).In the...

Lobbying & Advocacy

Lobbying & Advocacy

In this thematic area, CDSK intends to create a platform for persons with disabilities to advocate for their rights through the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with...

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 Cheshire Disability Services Kenya (CDSK) is a Non-Governmental Organisation in Kenya and a Global Alliance Member of Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD). CDSK envisions an inclusive society where persons with disabilities are respected and empowered to develop to their full potential to lead a quality life.CDSK is in a strategic partnership arrangement (referred  to as Strategic Partner Organisations (SPO)  with Lilianne Fonds  (Netherlands) and implements programmes on Rehabilitation & Care - volunteer Board, one of their function being to raise resources to support our four key thematic areas which are:-

1. Rehabilitation & Care.

2. Inclusive Education

3. Livelihoods & Economic Empowerment

4. Lobbying & Advocacy

CDSK is run in accordance with Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD)Global Values and Good Practices. Therefore, globally CDSK is a member of the Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD) Global Alliance. All our programs are operated under internationally recognized standards based on the Cheshire model that was started by our founder, Leonard Cheshire.


An inclusive society where persons with disabilities are respected and empowered to develop their potential to lead a quality life


To uplift the quality of life of persons with disabilities regardless of sex, race, colour and beliefs


CDSK implements its projects/programmes through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) strategy supported by other strategies listed below.

  • Research and Documentation
  • Modelling and scaling up of projects
  • Policy Influencing
  • Leadership of persons with disabilities
  • Movements of persons with disabilities